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Форум: Породы
Тема: Шарпей.
автор: Сергей

Отправлено Сергей в 09 ноября 2005, 12:43
Нет, речь не о тех, уродцах-аллергиках продуктиов современных франкенштейнов, а о настоящих.
Отправлено Сергей в 09 ноября 2005, 12:44


Strong, compact, active and agile, Shar Pei means " Sand Skin". The skin must be tough and rough, while the coat must be short and bristly. Tight wrinkles over the body at puppy stage. In the adult dog pronounced wrinkles are only allowed over the forehead and withers. As to temperament, the Shar Pei is a calm, independent dog who is loyal and affectionate to people.

The skull is round and big at the base, but flat and broad at the forehead. Muzzle and skull are near to equal length. Muzzle moderate in length, broad from the eyes but narrowing slightly towards the nose. Moderate stop. Wrinkles on the forehead must be apparent but must not to obstruct the eyes. The Chinese description of the head is " Wu Lo Tau", meaning " Calabash" shaped head.

You can see here the shape of a single Calabash

used to carry water or chinese medicine in Guanzhau market.

The wrinkles on the forehead form a marking which resembles the Chinese Symbol for Longevity. This is essential to the breed.

Medium sized, almond shaped. As dark as possible. Light colored eyes are undesirable. Function of eyeball or lid in no way disturbed by surrounding skin, folds or hair. Any sign of irritation of eyeball, conjunctiva or eyelids highly undesirable. Free from entropion.

Small, thick, equilaterally triangular in shape slightly round at tips. Tips pointing toward eyes and folded to the skull. Wide apart and close to skull. Erect and standing ears are permissible but less desirable.

Bluish-black tongue and gum preferred, pink or spotted only permissible in lighter colored dog, for example light fawn or cream. Jaws strong, teeth with a perfect, regular and complete scissors bite, i.e. the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Over large size mouth or over padding of lips are not acceptable. The shape of the mouth when viewed from top should either be in the shape of a drain pipe commonly known as "Roof Tile Mouth" or with a wide jaw in the shape of a toad's mouth, commonly known as "Toad mouth".


A Typical chinese roof and the Rooftile.

Large, wide. Black color preferred lighter color permissible in lighter colored dogs.

Strong, muscular with slightly loose skin around the throat. The loose skin should not be excessive.

Shoulders muscular, well laid and sloping,. Forelegs moderate length, slightly longer than depth of body. Good bone.
Pasterns slightly sloping, strong and flexible.

Very strong and straight back. Chest broad and deep. Slight fold of skin on withers. Excessive skin around the body in adults is most undesirable. Very strong back bone. Length of breastbone to rump is almost the same as height at withers. Bitches can have a slightly longer body length. Low saddle and high pommel desirable.

Strong and muscular. Moderately angulated. Hocks well let down.

Moderate size, compact, well padded, toes well knuckled.

Free and balanced, vigorous.

There are several types of tail. The most common are the curl, and double ring. The tail must be firm and lightly over the hip. Any dropped tail is a serious fault.

Short, hard, bristly and as straight as possible. No undercoat. Length must not be over 2.5cm (1 inch) long. Never trimmed.

Solid colors black, blue black, black with a hint of rust, brown, red, fawn. Cream is acceptable but less desirable.

19-23 inches at withers and 40-65 lbs. A dog well up to this size and weight is desirable, but if a dog is not, it should not be heavily penalized. Over 23" is to be penalized.

Mixed color of black and tan, spotted body. Overshot or undershot teeth. Splayed feet. Low set saddle and high pommel. Excessively heavy head and jowls. Excessive wrinkles on body, forequarters and hindquarters of adult dog. Large ears that flow down side of head and do not point to eyes. Coat over 1 inch long. Dropped tail.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Отправлено Сергей в 09 ноября 2005, 12:52
Historical Photographs
Traditional Bonemouth

Hong Kong 1950's

Macau 1950's

China 1970's

A Sharpei named "Iron Monkey" a famed fighter in Macau in the 1950's
Pictured with his son.

If you have historical photographs please send them for example, " the first Sharpei in your Country" please send them to info@sharpeiclubhk.com we wish to make this site as interesting as possible.

Что же мы видим на улицах города и на выставках супер-чемпионов?
Уродов, которым больно жить, которых невозможно шить (шкура трескается при проколе). Как можно было ухитриться сделать из шкуры бойцовой собаки расползающуюся по швам шелуху?

Увы, нашим "заводчикам" и творителям стандартов из всяких ркф, и прочих "ф" и не такое под силу. Немецкая овчарка со своими гаврилиными отдыхает.

Отправлено Guest в 10 января 2009, 22:46
Те шар-пеи больше похоже на современных питбулей.А нынешние симпотяшней
Отправлено Сергей в 11 января 2009, 00:31
Им жить больно от этой симпотяшности.
Отправлено Guest в 17 января 2009, 01:58
А что шарпеев-то нет? :)  Мы вот симпатишшшшные, без всяких там аллергий и т.п. , и ничего не подшито. :)

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Отправлено Сергей в 17 января 2009, 04:00
смотрится мускулисто..
Отправлено Guest в 17 января 2009, 13:31
смотрится мускулисто..

...и мордато :D  
Это - девочка, на летних фото ей около 9 месяцев, в декабре исполнился год. Фотка, где уже никакого лета - это сейчас, на днях. Наш "хомяк" к зиме готов! :D

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